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 401 Supergroup
 401 Richmond St. W, Toronto  

 Photos: Dan Young

The project was initiated by a group of 5 artist-run centres with the idea of renovating a 7500sf space to provide private offices as well as a level of shared amenities that they had independantly not been able to provide. Private office spaces were slightly reduced in size by pulling part of there program into the shared public spaces. For example, the organizational achieves were united and are being organized in a common research centre where they will be available to the public, and meeting space into a single shared meeting / conference room. In addition, there is a multi-purpose exhibition space with removable raked seating for up to 70 people, a large common  area for casual meetings/receptions as well a  kitchen and storage.

The space is located on the top floor of an historic timber-framed warehouse building in downtown Toronto.The design is centered on a large common space which overlooks an accessible rooftop garden to the east and contains the freestanding research centre. Office space is arranged around the windowed perimeter overlooking the commons. A multi-purpose exhibition space is entered from the commons and is also interconnected with the meeting room if required for larger events.